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The MES Compliance Management Suite includes a suite of ISO-based management systems including:

ISO 14001 Environmental Management,
ISO 45001 Safety Management,
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management,
ISO 50001 Energy Management,
ISO 46001 Water Efficiency Management,
ISO 14046 Water Footprint Management,
ISO 9001 Quality Management

and more, with new ones being added frequently.

Compliance Management Suite

Companies of all industries are frequently turning to more structured approaches for critical, centralized, management functions, searching for methods that reduce their investments of resources. Of particular emphasis are those services that can reduce the number of different commercial applications, and those that can transcend employee turnover. The Management and Engineering Services, LLC Compliance Management Suite was designed with these considerations as a foundation of service.

The Compliance Management Suite includes a collection of applications that allows any organization from any industry, regardless of size, to implement structured processes that have been designed and proven throughout the international community. They are based on quantifiable, measurable, and understand-able methods to implement international standards that are developed by the international community under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization which is located in Geneva Switzerland, and distributed in the United States by the American National Standards Institute.

The Compliance Management Suite shares a centralized database and eliminates the need for additional commercial applications and complexities of transferring information from one application to another. The Compliance Management Suite is configured with report generators, streamlined methods to enter environmental performance information, safety information, and many other important parameters, all centralized for one-location use. The entire suite of applications is wrapped with extremely strong information security measures to ensure protection of all priority information with the confidence of a protected process. All of this without having to install any “foreign” applications on your company computers.

More Features, More Value

Having one or more ISO management systems has its own value for every company that chooses to implement one. Perhaps it is the structure of the process that has value, perhaps certification and registration of a successfully implemented management system has additional value. However, the biggest value to every company implementing one or more of the ISO management systems of the Compliance Management Suite, are the additional features that are integrated into and provided with every management system.
No longer do you need separate vendor applications for data tracking, report generation, calculating greenhouse gas emissions, safety checklists, or compliance self-audits. All of these, and more, are included in the Compliance Management Suite so that the investment of your resources is minimized.

All features of the Compliance Management Suite applications share the same type of user interface to reduce training and the need for learning a host of different software. In many cases the features of the Compliance Management Suite are transparent to the user which makes the effectiveness and value of the applications so much more valuable to every user, regardless of size and diversity of services or products.

Accessing the full array of applications and features of the Compliance Management Suite is through a single, password protected portal with easy navigation to whatever destination you wish within the suite of applications. All you need is an Internet-connected computer with a standard browser. The Compliance Management Suite is also “responsive” to almost all types of handheld devices as well.