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Business solutions means many things to different companies, but to Management and Engineering Services, it means everything.  Over the past decades we have been fortunate to work with a variety of private and public companies and have learned of the diversity of challenges associated with their respective businesses.  We evolved our approach to target three of the most significant areas that seemed to be desired amongst them -- business development methods through written communications, critical and unique computer-based applications for certain business segments, and integrated environmental and safety strategies for the successful companies of tomorrow.
  • Business Development Written Communication

    Effective business development written Communication is essential for all companies, especially in this ever-increasing competitive environment.  While cut sheets and general paragraphs of capabilities were a common method in the past, they have become less effective for today's successful businesses.  With nearly 20 years of successful experiences in preparing complex proposals, we have introduced new methods, from proposal branding to powerful word-sentence- phrase chaining, and customer-focused presentations.  To achieve this we maintain a strong diverse associates, including technical writers, computer graphics, illustrators, artists, editors, and publication specialists, and a full suite of computer-based publication software, high-speed full-bleed printers, and equipment for all types of binding solutions.

  • Custom Software Development

    Our foray into the development of management system applications brought us head-on with the diversity of different commercial software packages and access and information exchange complexities.  This, then, became the focus of functionality as we began to expand and enhance our software offerings. Today we offer numerous easy-to-use applications for a variety of management systems based on international standards, and few of our own design, all integrated together with a single-sign-in approach with full information security measures, and all sharing the same common database, all developed by Management and Engineering Services.  This has eliminated the need for a variety of single-purpose commercial software packages and allows greater management insights through combined reporting.

  • Compliance

    Environmental and safety progressive compliance has been a key element of our business strategies and ethics for over 30 years.  Combining compliance awareness with progressive solutions has helped many of our clients to move steadily towards more sustainable and affordable operations while protecting the local and global environment.  We fully subscribe to the concepts and benefits of Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission and Zero Waste, the introduction of new and proven technologies to conserve energy and water, and other resources.  This knowledge and commitment is reflected in all that we do and forms the foundation of our business communication ethics.

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Business Solutions

Business development and scalable solutions for large and small companies.

Enterprise Software

Critical information provided in a step-by-step controlled process for facility management and ISO standard implementation.