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Management and Engineering Services shares experiences and learns from the successes and challenges of other organizations.
We maintain memberships in associations and have earned various awards throughout the years. We understand the importance of maintaining current certifications, and memberships. Our approach used with all our clients is Show Me Don't Tell Me.

Colorado Environmental
Leadership Program

Over the many years that Management and Engineering Services has been a member of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program, we have adopted a community effort to provide an opportunity for a local business, city, and educational institution to implement an environmental management system and apply for membership in this voluntary leadership program -- at no cost. Over the years many have been successful and reached the highest level (Gold), and a few have even been recognized with the 24-Karat Gold Award. Our continuing goal is to mentor up to two entities each year.

National Park Hospitality Association

Management and Engineering Services has been a member of the National Park Hospitality Association since 2003. Our involvement has allowed us to maintain current awareness of hospitality operations within national parks and to share our experiences from sustainable and creative solutions to competitive analyses. Through this membership we are able to maintain close coordination with our clients and improve our ability to provide business solutions for all sizes of concessioners across the United States.


As members of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WasteWise Program since 2002, we set annual waste reduction and waste diversion goals, measure results, and report our progress to this leadership program.

Green Power Partnership

Since 2001 -- Management and Engineering Services has maintained membership in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partnership at the 100% level. Our company from those early days have frequently updated our infrastructure to reduce the use of purchased electricity, and have always purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to ensure that our offices and operations in Longmont are carbon neutral and have achieved Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission status. In 2020 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency changed its membership criteria which has changed our membership levels.


In 2010, Management and Engineering Services LLC joined Boulder County (Colorado) Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) as part of our leadership commitment and community outreach. Initially, we received certification for our energy efficiency, and in 2018 received two additional certifications for water efficiency and waste diversion. 

National Environmental Performance Track

2001 (first year) — 2009 (program ended)  as an environmental leader, we joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Environmental Performance Track Program in 2001 just after it was announced. We were one of the first 50 members, and likely the smallest member company. Our participation in this national leadership program allowed us to assist over 75 other companies in joining this important national leadership program. As a member in the Performance Track Participants Association, we exchanged ideas, suggested new initiatives, and supported ongoing environmental leadership programs. In 2008, Management and Engineering Services was honored with the 2008 Outreach Award in national ceremonies held in Baltimore, Maryland.

City of Longmont
Sustainable Business Program

Since 2019 (first year)...as an environmental consultant, we joined the City of Longmont Sustainable Business Program to become a leader as a sustainable business making substantial efforts to reduce our environmental impact, and act socially responsible in our community. We were awarded the Gold level status for our reduction in solid waste, recycling, water and energy efficiency programs.

Association of Proposal Management Professionals

Since 2014… as proposal management professionals, we joined the Colorado Chapter Association of Proposal Management Professionals to further our knowledge base for proposal writing technique and cutting edge strategies.

National Forest Recreation Association

Since 2020...as proposal management professionals working on behalf of clients who manage concessions on National Forest lands, we joined the National Forest Recreation Association to provide up to date information and advocacy services for our clients.

Leave No Trace Partner.

Since 2021… Management and Engineering Services, LLC has become a community partner with Leave No TraceTM supporting their 7 principles for outdoor ethics; • Plan Ahead and Prepare • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces • Dispose of Waste Properly • Leave What You Find • Minimize Campfire Impacts • Respect Wildlife • Be Considerate of Other Visitors.
"Innovation grows out of membership and a sure sense of responsibility
people feel for their work and the organizations that employ them."

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