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General Services Administration
Multiple Award Schedule
899 Environmental Services

Management and Engineering Services, LLC is proud to support our customers across the federal government since 1995.
Schedules Price List:
Capability Statement:
Contract Number: GS-10F-0159L

Period of Performances: Current since 1995

D-U-N-S Number: 95-903-6187

541618, 541620, 541330, 541990, 541370, 541511, 541513
7375, 7389, 8711, 8733, 8741, 8743, 8748

Cage Code: 1FEX8

Schedule Title: Multiple Award Schedule Environmental Services

Special Items Numbers (SINs) Awarded;
SIN 899-1 and 899-1RC Environmental Consulting Services
SIN 899-3 and 899-3RC Environmental Training Systems
SIN 899-7 and 899-7RC Graphic Information Systems (GIS) Services

Maximum Order Limitation: $1,000,000
1739 Terry Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501
(303) 682-5992

Business Solutions

Business development and scalable solutions for large and small companies.

Enterprise Software

Critical information provided in a step-by-step controlled process for facility management and ISO standard implementation.